Create the perfect Office Space

Commercial Projects

Discuss your vision with Maura Mackey Design, I know how to bring it to life.
Are you thinking about renovating your tired commercial space into a modern
contemporary designed space- if so I can help.

Commercial Projects

My designs are conceived with your end-purposes in mind. I work with you at every stage of this commercial project to ensure the facelift you desire for this space is achieved while working to your budget. My designs look great and they actually work- this means less stress and better results for you. I work on reception areas, bathrooms, boardrooms, lighting, flooring, colour decisions, office/reception furniture, finishing touches to improve the aesthetics of a space not to mention the light in the space.


  • How to create the style you like without making costly mistakes.
  • How best to spend your budget from a commercial interiors point of view- optimising
    space, designing displays for your products, I provide design styles and solutions to
    suit you and your budget.
  • How to create a flow in your commercial area- know what works and doesn’t work
    from an aesthetics point of view.
  • Office Advice- What desks/chairs /storage and colours to use, must have items in this
  • How to design that reception area with a warm welcome in mind.
  • Flooring/Lighting/storage/colour options- that will work in your space.
  • Creating functional open plan spaces- what works and what doesn’t work from a
    design point of view.


  •  If I am involved at an early stage- it can include plan review, Design details for flooring, tiling, lighting, kitchen area, furniture etc.
  • I am available by phone, email.
  • I will also help you with spacial design, getting the furniture layout and proportions right.
  • I will help you pick a colour scheme – to create a flow in your commercial space from an aesthetics point of view- from paint to fabrics.
  • Sourcing tiles, flooring, window treatments, bathroom ware, lighting and furniture that best suit your space.
  • I also have access to trades people that you can depend on to get the job done right.


  • I work with business owners who want to turn their tired commercial spaces into modern contemporary designs.
  • This is a big spend for business owners and by working with me I aim to help
    people spend their money wisely on well designed functional spaces/units that suits their business needs.
  • I can either start a project with a business owner/ builder/architect or I can come in at the end of the build to help create that ultimate commercial design in that space for you and your workers.
  • I create bespoke commercial design solutions.


Designing a modern/contemporary office space that suits your needs and wants as a business owner is my mission- I will deliver your project in a timely manner.

By changing the way people feel about their environment, ultimately it can change the way they feel about themselves. My clients are the most integral part of my journey!