Things to consider when creating a wardrobe area in your home

In this month’s article I am going to talk about the various wardrobe options available to us. Storage is a very popular topic in the interiors world but whether your renovating an existing bedroom or moving into a new home, a carefully planned and designed wardrobe should be high on your priority list. First think where are you going to put your wardrobe area in your room.

Think of the following before you start.

  • Is the wall I’m placing my wardrobe on damp? If so address this issue before you commence as you don’t want damp clothes in your wardrobe.
  • Don’t place your wardrobe in an area that it blocks the natural light coming into your room- think about how natural and artificial light work in this space.
  • Don’t pick a dark material for your wardrobe if your bedroom is a dark room- pick a light coloured option – Mirrored and panel doors optimise light.
  • Decide a paint colour for your room before you decide on a wardrobe material- good colours for wardrobes/closets are beige, grey, white, off white, but if you have a really bright space then you can go bold colours.  A few colour options for your wardrobes are Farrow and Ball- Skimming Stone, French Gray( lighter options) I love De Nimes from Farrow & Ball also – this has a deep teal/blue tone in it.  Remember when picking a wardrobe colour- this will have to evolve with you, if you change your paint colour on the walls will this work with that colour scheme in the future- neutral tones do seem to work better in the long -term.
  • I always say to clients- pick what you love, everyone’s taste is different.
  • The height of your ceiling will determine the functional layout of the interior of your wardrobe- your wardrobe designer should ensure that there is a minimum of 1100 mm hanging space for shirts and planning a hang space for shorter tops below. 
  • If there is limited storage space available, you could always consider external drawer units as this will maximise the internal hanging and shelf space. 
  • For those who have a big enough room but perhaps lower ceilings, a central island is a great solution for additional storage, especially of you have a lot of accessories to store.

A wardrobe is the best way to add storage space to your bedroom.  Wardrobes are those pieces of furniture where we can store our clothes and other important items in.  It is one of the most used furniture pieces in homes.  A wardrobe doesn’t just have to be for storage in your bedroom – its design, colours and finish can add a great deal of overall décor to a bedroom. When investing in a wardrobe – always ensure it is of good quality and will last.


  • Wall mounted wardrobes.

If you have a modern approach and you want to style your home, I suggest you opt for the wall-mounted Wardrobes. They are mounted to the wall and comparatively occupy less space. This wardrobe kills two birds with a stone!  It doesn’t consume space and looks elegant as well.

  • Sliding door.

If you want that urban look in your home, consider sliding door wardrobes. This option makes use of relatively useless space, they ooze the cool factor, and the sliding doors are very smooth to operate. You can have as many sliding doors as you wish because you can customize it. You can add extra lighting to ensure you see your clothes and accessories inside, you can add a jewellery area, pull down hanging options if you are not tall like me.  You should be sure of what kind of sliding door wardrobes you are picking.

They are not easy to install, they are more expensive than others, make sure you choose the right finish and quality but also the right colour for your room.

  • Free standing wardrobe.

The free-standing wardrobes are the most basic kind of wardrobe. They are  available in wood, metal, and many more options. These wardrobes have been used for a very long time, and if your house is a little retro-inspired, we suggest you go for a wood or a metal free standing wardrobe. They are traditional, inexpensive, and classic.  The only drawback they occupy space. Otherwise, you can move them to whichever place you want.  These days you can buy these in various finishes to suit your style. They are a good option for you if you do not want to invest much but are looking for a classic style.

  • Customized wardrobe.

If you have a feeling that you want to have a colour-coordinated wardrobe, go for the customised closets, they can be matched to the décor of your room, you can add shelving where you want, add extra lighting, hanging options. Customised wardrobes also mean you can decide what kind of doors or what type of wardrobe you want.

You can make a medley of a free-standing wardrobe with numerous drawers and shelves you want. So, you can go for it if you are creative and want the things in your way.

  • Walk in wardrobe.

These are the most luxurious and the most spacious of all types, the walk-in wardrobes are the best in town.  You can build a walk-in wardrobe if you want to display your closet in an organized way, you can make it according to your choice,  by placing a full- length mirror, adding a sit down area,  jewellery section, shoe area, bag and accessories section.  You can also have different compartments to put outfits in- dresses, shirts, pants, jumpers.  You can also have a make- up table while trying on your outfits.  Well, this caters mostly for women but it can cater too for men. You can aptly organize your formal wear and casual wear. You can add your own personal touches to this area. I love to see a vase of flowers in an area like this but it is purely a personal choice. This choice can be expensive – but should be considered when building a new house and if you have the space, do one room at a time if you have to.

Now if you are into the bohemian type/vintage style wardrobe options- 

When you’re thinking about storage options for your bedroom, scour antique stores and yard sales for intriguing dressers and armoires that tell their own story. Unlike other design styles, the furniture in boho chic doesn’t have to match. In fact, the more eclectic the pieces are, the better. You can even take plain pieces and change out the hardware and paint colours for something more your style. If you have bright and bold jewellery, don’t hide it away. Instead, consider open storage options such as hooks or bowls to make them part of your décor.

So, these are the kinds of wardrobes you can have at your home. Since there are a lot of different types available in the market, choose wisely and according to your budget.

Wardrobe pics- from pinterest