What’s your Interior Design Style? A guide to go through the different styles.

Do you know what Interior design style you are? It’s one of the questions as a designer I always ask my clients, today I am asking you!

Or maybe as you are reading this you are saying how many styles are there? there are many styles but today I will go through 10.

Before I start a project with a client I take a look at the style they have in their home first, then I navigate through what they like and don’t like, run through the different ‘design styles’ so to speak. This process involves pointing out key features of each so can we can identify together the style they fall into. It’s a process of elimination as most people nowadays know what they love and gravitate towards that but for others, seeing pictures of all the different types of styles helps them know “Oh I love that, or that’s not for me” it’s a process of elimination. From this I know what is their style and we can start the project.

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style” – Albert Hadley a famous Interior Designer quotes…

Below I will guide you through the styles ( this is not the complete list) as styles are constantly changing and evolving, and many if not most people can be a combo of both. That’s is where the fun begins, so today I am going to take you on a crash course so to speak in design styles I hope you find this helpful.

Traditional Style:

This is one of oldest and most common styles so let’s start here. This style is rooted in heritage and traditional shapes and forms.  It’s a timeless style taking cues from the 18th /19th centuries, incorporating classic art, antiques and pieces with history. Styles and pieces reflect historical design elements using natural material and colours.

BOHO Style: 

Bohemian style ( AKA BOHO style) has become very popular in the past 5 years, although its roots date back further than that.  Boho style is all about pulling together natural and organic elements into a very layered and collected look. The BOHO style incorporates a lot of caning, rattan, bamboo and textiles in this style mixed with bright and saturated colours this is a very playful and exotic and its very layered.

Organic Modern:

This is a very casual style, its neutral its inviting. This style relates to modern in its clean aesthetic and colour palette but this style is all about layering neutral textiles and textures to create interest rather than introducing additional colour.  This style, you’ll find lots of light-toned woods and relaxed textiles mixed with iconic lighting done in black, brass, and chrome.

Eclectic Style:

Honestly I think this could be called the slightly refined BOHO style – or a cousin of BOHO. This style has a lot of similarities as far as the collected nature, the colour combos and the curated aesthetic.  However, the pieces are less organic and more styled. Eclectic rooms could be filled with iconic pieces from just about every style, and when done right it all works well together. 

Modern Style:

On the opposite end of the spectrum from BOHO and Eclectic, lies modern. This refers to a sleek and uncluttered style. This style reflects a fuss- free approach to life. Designers keep décor minimal while emphasizing industrial materials. Many people feel modern can be cold, stark, and sterile But – in reality, modern style is very much rooted in square shapes and forms. Typically this style has a more neutral colour palette with the occasional pop of colour.

Contemporary Style:

Fundamentally, a contemporary style of decorating is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture and clean lines. It showcases spaces rather than things, also colour and shape. Contemporary interiors are sleek and fresh.  To achieve this look – neutrals, black and white and grey are the key colours used. You will see high ceilings, bare windows and geometric shapes in wall art, you will see bare walls- less is more in this style. Structural elements are often incorporated into this style.

Industrial Style:

This leans towards more the ‘factory/machine look’ – This style uses a lot of metal, rustic wood and leathers, however the softness comes through its neutral colour palette and the use of found objects which instantly can give the room some soul and character.

Coastal Style:

This style is all about the beachy atmosphere that you’ll find in many of the homes around the coast in West Cork. It’s all about bringing the natural elements of the coast inside your home- including white washed woods, blue tones and plenty of white to help all that beachy sunshine bounce around the room.


This is a very simplistic and modern approach style, a soft colour palette of pastels mixed with light- toned woods and lots of whites, creams and tans. This is a very simple, clean yet very warm and relaxed in its styling.

Modern Farmhouse:

 The style uses a lot of found and salvaged objects but pulled together in a more modern and refined way. Rather than being too rustic and farmhouse-esque, it is more inspired by the latter. You’ll see  blues, greens, and lots of white and black used in this style. It is very inviting and comfortable and has a slight tinge of traditional in it without being too formal. Think rustic yet refined.

I hope this crash course helps you decide on your style as I know from speaking to clients they sometimes are unsure.